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The Brothers McLeod are illustrator-animator Greg and screenwriter Myles. They have written, produced and directed short films, children’s series and other original animations. Their publications include CATS, A FELINE COMPENDIUM, BREEDS – A CANINE COMPENDIUM and A BOOK OF BRILLIANT IDEAS and CREATE YOUR OWN UNIVERSE. The McLeods won a Children’s BAFTA for QUIFF AND BOOT and were nominated for a BAFTA Film Award in the Short Animation category for their short films CODSWALLOP (2009) and MARFA (2019), the latter also selected as part of the shorts programme at Sundance Festival 2018.  The McLeod's much loved preschool animation series CIRCLE SQUARE will be going into production shortly for CBeebies.

Myles has written over ninety commissioned scripts for TV, including a number of half hour specials. As well as developing and producing original concepts for The Brothers McLeod, Myles’s writing credits include: developing and lead writer on NODDY TOYLAND DETECTIVE (Dreamworks) and PERCY’S TIGER TALES (Fabrique D’images); series writer for BECCA'S BUNCH (Jam Media), HEY DUGGEE (Studio AKA), CLANGERS (Smallfilms), OCTONAUTS (Chorion), BEST BUGS FOREVER (Disney), OBKI (Ritzy Animation) and DIGBY DRAGON (Blue Zoo). Myles has recently been working on BOBBY AND THE BUBBLE BUNCH (Toonbox), CHIPPYHOOD (Mostapes) and developing HELLO KITTY with WatchNextMedia and an original project with Haruworks. He is also a children's poet published in Caterpillar magazine and by the Emma Press.
Greg is an award winning illustrator, animator and director. He has a distinctive hand drawn style and has worked on a wide range of projects including animation, illustration, exhibitions and book covers. Projects include: PEDRO AND FRANKENSHEEP (BBC), ART SPARKS, a BAFTA nominated animation (Tate Galleries), WEIRD THINGS CUSTOMERS SAY IN BOOKSHOPS (Constable and Robinson). Greg has recently been working on illustration and animation projects with film director Edgar Wright, comedian Stewart Lee, and poet Roger McGough.
Myles and Greg’s new book KNIGHT SIR LOUIS AND THE DREADFUL DAMSEL was published by Guppy Books in August 2020.
Knight Sir Louis the bravest knight at King Burt’s court. He has defeated hungry dragons, evil goblins and horrible wizards (but please nobody mention wasps, even though Knight Sir Louis is absolutely NOT afraid of them.) Knight Sir Louis, his trusty mechanical steed Clunkalot, and mystical sword (known as ‘Dave’), are sent to do battle with the robotic Damsel of Distresse, which has been terrorizing the land. But nothing is as it seems… Knight Sir Louis finds himself dealing with strong enchantments and powerful magic, and the machinations of his soon to be arch-enemy-nemesis: The Stripy Knight.


The Brothers McLeod

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