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Evgenia Golubeva

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Evgenia Golubeva is an award winning animation director and screenwriter. Evgenia’s storytelling skills are combined with a great understanding of animation production thanks to her work as an animation director on a number of TV series for children and short films. Evgenia has lived in many countries and worked across different cultures which helps her create stories that can be understood all over the globe.
Her clients include Disney, Nick Jr, Simon & Schuster and Studio AKA. She’s written for TV shows like BECCAS BUNCH (Jam Media), BEST BUGS (Disney),DIGBY DRAGON (Blue Zoo) and YOKO (Somuga, Wizart animation). Also Evgenia develops her own IP for kids TV and books. One of her TV shows THE QUESTION CLUB was acquired by The Riki Group and is currently in production. Evgenia writes mostly for preschool but is able to write for 6+ (BEST BUGS, Disney) and 8+ (ALISA KNOWS WHAT TO DO, Bazelevs).
Evgenia has written and directed a number of award-winning short films which have been screened internationally at film festivals. Among her awards are the UNICEF Award at Cartoons on the Bay, the Audience Award at IndieJunior Allianz and the Czech TV Award at Zlin Festival.
Evgenia loves writing comedy. She is fascinated by folklore, pine cones and ghosts.