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Book Submissions

Film, TV & Theatre Submissions

All book submissions should be sent via email to 

Please submit only one work at a time. If you have written more than one, mention it in your covering letter but send us your strongest work. And please do not send in any original artwork or photographs by post. Due to the volume we receive, we are not always able to confirm receipt of submissions.

We aim to respond in 2 to 4 months but sometimes it takes a while longer. Feel free to check if we have received your submission after 2 months and we will get back to you asap.

Please note that we do not accept any submissions that have used AI technology.

Please send all Film, TV & Theatre submissions to


For their separate guidelines, please see here.

We need a good covering letter that is typed, properly constructed and checked for errors in spelling and grammar. Remember this is the first example of your writing we will read. The letter should be concise. One paragraph should be a brief synopsis of your work.  For non-fiction, you should add the reasons why you have chosen this subject and why you are suited to write it. We also want to know something about you: why you write; how long you have been writing, whether you write in one genre/category or more. You have to grab our full attention at this stage.

Fiction: Send a one page synopsis of your work. What we do not want is a list of chapter headings (except in some cases for non-fiction) or a list of characters. It should be a summary of what happens in the story with the twists and turns revealed. And please do not leave us guessing as to the outcome - we need to be convinced that you have written a good story, which includes the ending.


Non-fiction: Send a brief outline of the subject of your work, where it would fit in the market, and why you are suited to write it.

Send a short CV. We need to know about your relevant qualifications and whether you have had books published before. We do not, however, require all the details necessary for a job application. 
Send the first three chapters (or around fifty pages) of your manuscript. These should be typed and checked carefully for typos and grammatical mistakes. You might be asked to send the full manuscript subsequently but please wait until then.
All submissions should be single sided, at least 1.5 line spaced with decent margins on either side and page numbered. Your submission should include the actual word count (for completed works), or an estimated one (for proposals). If you are sending us a self-published work, please mention where your book is available to purchase, how many copies have been sold and what rights/territories are still available.
When you have completed everything, you might want to watch these short videos to make sure your submission is as ready as can be: How to get a literary agent – in (almost) five minutes and 10 easy ways to put agents off in your submission letter.
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