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The Brothers McLeod are illustrator-animator Greg and screenwriter Myles. They have written, produced and directed short films, children’s series and other original animations.  Current projects include: CIRCLE SQUARE (presented at Cartoon Forum), ISLE OF SPAGG and 365. They won a Children’s BAFTA for QUIFF AND BOOT and were nominated for a BAFTA Film Award in the Short Animation category for CODSWALLOP. Their short animated film MARFA had its world premiere at Sundance Film Festival 2018.

Myles has written over eighty commissioned scripts for TV, games, short film and online with durations varying from thirty seconds to an hour.  As well as developing and producing original concepts for The Brothers McLeod, Myles’s writing credits include: PERCY’S TIGER TALES (Fabrique D’images), TILLY AND FRIENDS (Jam Media) and OCTONAUTS.
Greg is an award winning illustrator, animator and director. He has a distinctive hand drawn style and has worked on a wide range of projects including animation, illustration, exhibitions and book covers. Projects include: PEDRO AND FRANKENSHEEP – BBC, ART SPARKS - BAFTA nominated animation for Tate Galleries, WEIRD THINGS CUSTOMERS SAY IN BOOKSHOPS (Constable and Robinson).



The Brothers McLeod

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