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Amanda Duke is a Broadcast Hotshot for 2022 and as a screenwriter working on a number of factually based dramas and original ideas. Amanda's single drama THE CURE was broadcast on Channel 4 in December 2019.  Directed by Bruce Goodison, produced by Kate Cook for Story Films, EPs David Nath and Paul Webster, it tells the story of the NHS Mid Staffs scandal. Development projects include  CARDIFF FIVE (Wall to Wall/BBC), UNTITLED BIOPIC (Keshet TV), THE BIRMINGHAM BUTCHER (Hat Trick Mercurio Productions/ITV),  ICE QUEENS (Sugar Films, Entertainment One), UNNATURAL (Big Light Productions) and WHERE THERE IS EVIL (Hartswood Films).
Amanda won the inaugural Debut Creator award, supported by Big Light Productions as part of the New Voices Award 2020 with her debut drama THE CURE. 


Amanda Duke

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