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Amanda was born in Newmarket, Suffolk in 1942 and grew up with her paternal grandmother who brought her up as a Roman Catholic. Her education was typical for girls of that class and period but now sounds antediluvian: private governesses, a spell at Lady Tryon's exclusive establishment in Wiltshire, a few years in a convent and then a series of 'finishing' schools in Oxford, France and Italy, officially studying languages and history of art. She married at twenty-two a brave Italian doctor and has lived with him in Rome ever since. When her daughters, Sofia and Costanza, were in their teens she embarked on a tardy programme of study: took A levels, learnt German, got a degree in philosophy, read voraciously and then set about writing novels of her own. To date her proudest productions are her four grandchildren: Tegan, Nye, Matty and Milou.
Some of Amanda Prantera's books:



Amanda Prantera

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