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Arabella Seymour was born and educated in London, England.  She had her first novel published in her teens and later worked in London libraries until turning to write full time.  Her books were published in the USA and France.
Later, she went to work in Glenarm Castle in Northern Ireland and followed this by joining a housekeeping agency that took her to many fascinating assignments all over the country. From 2008 to 2012, she contributed to a short biography of her great grandfather, the Liberal politician John Henry Bethell, and joined the local re-enactment society in Canterbury where she took an active role in the annual Battle of Hastings for the English Heritage.
With a family steeped in history, Arabella has a particular interest in the period between the World Wars and in musical theatre. Her mother, a singer and dancer, was a niece of the 1930’s band leader Bram Martin, and was also related to the American actor and impressario, David Belasco.
She lives in her home in Canterbury, and where her Huguenot ancestors married in the cathedral during the reign of Charles II.


Arabella Seymour

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