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Ben Gilliland

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Ben Gilliland started the weekly MetroCosm science column, in the Metro Newspaper in 2005. MetroCosm went on to become one of the paper's most popular sections. Its competitions have taken school children to Space Camps in America and Turkey and even as far afield as the Arctic ice cap.
Ben Gilliland has spoken about science journalism at the Royal Aeronautical Society and for the Royal Astronomical Society and the STFC and taught at theMedia Space Summer School at Queen Mary, University of London.
He was also shortlisted for the 2010 Sir Arthur Clarke Award for Best Space Reporting – which he didn't win. So, buoyed by the near-miss he left the Metro newspaper to pursue a freelance careerand a life of poverty.
He was nominated for the 2011 Sir Arthur Clarke Award for Achievement in SpaceMedia, but didn't win that one either. Finally, in 2013, he was awarded theSir Arthur Clarke Award for Space Achievement in Media. 
Ben Gilliland now writes and doodles for a variety of outlets, including SEN and New Scientist – he even has two books coming out in 2015. MetroCosm was evicted from the womb of the Metro Newspaper in 2014 and has now been adopted by FacultiMedia. (Ben is seeking therapy to address his propensity to talk about himself in the third-person)


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