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Dr. Claire Guest 

Claire Guest is the founder of Medical Detection Dogs and the world pioneer of training dogs to detect illness. 
The best cancer detecting machinery that science has so far created is only about 85% accurate and, obviously, hugely expensive and slow. Amazingly dogs’ sense of smell is so sensitive that after they have been properly trained, they are more than 90% accurate. They are also a lot less expensive than the machines, a lot quicker and a LOT nicer to be around.

Back in the early noughties when Claire Guest began her experiments to work out how to train dogs to detect illness the scientific establishment scoffed and even she questioned her own sanity a little as she laid out endless little bowls for her dogs to pick on her parent’s kitchen floor. But her persistence bore fruit and surviving her own cancer scare – which she was alerted to by her own dog, Daisy – Medical Detection Dogs is now at the forefront of one of the most exciting new developments in medicine of the century and a whole new chapter in the ongoing story of our relationship with man’s best friend.
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