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Eileen Townsend was born in Scotland at the end of the Second World War but spent her early life in England in the small Victorian holiday resort of Silloth on the wind-swept coast of the Solway Firth.  She studied at the University of Dundee where she graduated with an M.A. in Modern History and Political Science.


Before writing her bestselling historical sagas, Eileen wrote many modern novels and short stories under different names. Eventually, however, her love of history prevailed and these were followed by her bestsellers: Of Woman Born, In Love and War, The Love Child, The Other Woman, Child of Fire, Dreamtime and Thine is the Kingdom. With her husband, Professor Colin Townsend, who was then Head of the Department of German at the University of Dundee, she co-authored War Wives, the highly acclaimed story of British and German women in the Second World War.


Eileen Townsend

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