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Graham King was born in Adelaide in 1930. He trained as a cartographer and draughtsman before joining Rupert Murdoch's burgeoning media empire in the 1960s, where he became a leading marketing figure during the hard-fought Australian newspaper circulation wars of that decade. Graham moved to London in 1969, where his marketing strategy transformed the Sun newspaper into the UK's bestselling tabloid; subsequently after 1986, he successfully promoted the reconstruction of The Sunday Times as a large multi-section newspaper. A poet, watercolourist, landscape gardener and book collector, Graham King also wrote a biography of Zola, Garden of Zola in 1978. Other works include the novel The Pandora Valley (1973), a semi-autobiographical account of the hardships endured by the Australian unemployed and their families set in the 1930s. Graham King died in 1999. 
Some of Graham King's books:

The Estate of Graham King

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