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Melanie Wyllie

Melanie Wyllie was born in London in 1934. In 1939 her home was requisitioned by the army and her family relocated to the countryside where her mother died of cancer not long after. Only seven at the time, this traumatic loss accompanied by the deprivations and fear caused by war left an indelible mark: for her the psychological and emotional impact of these years was deeply formative.

Her wartime experiences, like for so many others, defined her and never left her. She had no formal schooling until the war was over when she went to boarding school, followed soon after by a memorable visit to post-war France to visit relatives, themselves survivors of Nazi Occupation. Her schooling complete, she returned to London to study piano at the Royal Academy of Music. She made her home in London where she married and brought up a son and daughter, teaching the piano to dozens of children over nearly two decades. In 1991 Melanie moved to France and began writing seriously. Returning five years later, she resettled in London where she continues to write, amassing a number of short stories and novellas.




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