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I am a literary agent based in London with a wide range of clients writing fiction and non-fiction, literary and commercial. I am also a columnist for Writing Magazine, for a better sense of who I am check out my youtube channel.


Clients include Nadine Dorries, Professor Sir Graham Thorneycroft, Mungi Ngomane, Pizza Express, Cate Quinn, Paul Magrs, Tanya Sarne, Ingrid Seward, Robert Verkaik, The Secret Accountant, Charlie Hertzog Young, Jamie Thomson, Peter Stanford, the Rev'd Rachel Mann, Macer Gifford, Francesco Dimitri, Geraint Anderson and many others.

What I'm looking for...

In fiction my first love is story. I love really strong commercial genre fiction that understands the expectations of the genre and delivers that in spades. In particular I love a good noir-ish thriller, spy fiction, gritty crime but also saga, romance and romantic comedy. At the less genre, more reading group end of the market, I love stories that take me out of myself and feel like something I have never read before.


In non-fiction I am looking for strong narrative voices in memoir and history that help connect and root us to the world we live in as well a big ideas and smart thinking to make us feel less confused about the extraordinary times we live in.


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